[Chugalug] So has any else seen Darth R2-D2(new mac pro)?

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Thu Jun 27 15:11:24 UTC 2013

I think technology should function well and look cool. You want to look fast!
If it was a car you would want it to perform well and look cool.
Let's face it. When to comes to tower design the pc world has been in a rut for what 30 years?

PS let me know is a good time to get that stuff. And try to rustle up a truck.

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> On 6/27/2013 10:07 AM, Rod-Lists wrote:
> > 9by6 , two gpus and up to 12 cores. If the unified heat sink
> > (chimney) works then I say it was a success.
> Success at what, measured by what?  They successfully crammed a
> computer into an office trash can?  Personally, I think it's a step
> in
> the right direction (Macs in the trash!), but somehow I get the
> feeling you have a different set of metrics in mind....
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> dtb
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