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Damn, I'm pissed I am going to miss this. I love supercomputing
On Jun 27, 2013 9:08 AM, "Mike Harrison" <cluon at geeklabs.com> wrote:

> See http://www.**chattanoogaengineersclub.org<http://www.chattanoogaengineersclub.org>for more info.
> Meeting at Doubletree Hotel downtown at Noon.
> I suggest showing up at 11:30-11:45.
> Sit close to the screen.
> Ask good questions and applaud.
> Unfortunately, I won't be there, I'll be in Alaska.
> But hopefully some of you will.
> If a bunch of you decide to go, let Tim Lee (email attached in CC)
> know so there will be plenty of food.  You can attend as a "guest" for
> free and no food if you sit in the chairs along the wall.
> The Chattanooga Engineers Club has been Sharing Ideas at weekly meetings
> since 1924. This is an excellent example of why Chattanooga rocks!
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> Monday, July 1st:
> “Performance Metrics and Application Experiences on a Cray CS300‐AC™
> Cluster Supercomputer Equipped with Intel® Xeon Phi™
> Coprocessors,” Dr. Vincent Betro, ORNL/UTK
> In this talk, Dr. Betro will show the comparative performance and scaling
> of Gyro on four generations of Cray supercomputers simultaneously including
> the newest addition - the Cray CS300-AC™ Cluster Supercomputer (which is
> currently #1 on the Green 500 list) and the Cray XC30.  Dr. Betro will also
> show that the recently added hybrid OpenMP/MPI implementation shows a great
> deal of promise not only on traditional HPC systems that utilize fast CPUs
> and proprietary interconnects but also on coprocessor architecture in a
> cluster environment in native mode. Moreover, several applications which
> have been ported to the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor will be discussed, and
> limitations and successes will be explained.  Four machines of varying
> sizes were used in the experiment, all of which are located at the National
> Institute for Computational Sciences at the University of Tennessee at
> Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Darter is a 23,936 core Cray
> XC30 with Intel E5-2670 CPUs, a Dragonfly network, and a Sonexion lustre
> file system; Kraken is a 112,896 core Cray XT5 with AMD Opteron™ Istanbul
> CPUs; Ares is an 896 core Cray XE6 with AMD Opteron™ Interlagos CPUs; and
> Beacon is a 1,024 core Cray CS300-AC™ Cluster Supercomputer with Intel®
> Xeon® E5-2670 (Sandybridge) CPUs and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors.  The
> advantages, limitations, and performance of using each system are
> discussed, as well as the direction of future optimizations.
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