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Thu Jun 27 14:13:28 UTC 2013

There DEFINITELY is a cultural difference to be found, everywhere in the country.  You've never flown until you've flown three hours with a plane-load of Valley Girl cheerleaders on their way from San Diego to a competition.  "Like, totally."

If you -want- to live somewhere else, then computers are a very good ticket to ride.  But they're also very nice in that, if you simply look outside "the recruiter box," you can find opportunities to work just about anywhere.  

The industry's serious infatuation with H-1B Visas and the like, forgetting the ice-cream store admonition that "... and those who consider price alone are that man's lawful PREY," is a serious issue right now for American skilled labor.  They are $l$o$b$b$y$i$n$g$ $v$e$r$y$ $h$a$r$d$ $f$o$r$ $i$t$ right now, and it seems to be especially prominent in .. Silicon Valley, where the costs of everything are sky-high and loyalty is nil.

The chief feature of companies in the Bay Area is, "the Campus."  Everyone's got one and is building another.  If Steve Jobs' plans proceed as planned without Steve, Apple's next "infinite loop" will literally be a loop.  (But I'm not sure they're going to like it any more than DOD likes the Pentagon.)  The ideal employee is a single, or divorced, young- to middle-aged person who fits right in with what those workplaces actually are:  "The Company Town."  (If you're not divorced now, you soon will be, but look, you're Doing Such Cool Things ...)

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