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JBirdVegas jbirdvegas at aokp.co
Thu Jun 27 13:57:44 UTC 2013

Can someone explain the difference between Chatt*Lab & Co-Lab and are they both part of GigTank? 

Im working with a healthcare team for GigTank (competition?) but the underlying infrastructure I know nothing about.

Mike Harrison <cluon at geeklabs.com> wrote:

>> While I'd like to make a burn sometime.
>> After hanging out with hippies, mutant libertarians, and other non-conformists I'm not sure how radical it would be.
>> Hell I know people on The Farm.
>Between what Eric said publically, and I know of others on the list, you 
>aren't even close.
>What makes Burning Man, and even things like the Chatt*Lab makerspace kewl
>(to me) is the collection of uber-competent, successful (in many ways), 
>"freaky" (to the default world) people, all working together and sharing just about 
>everything. In many ways it is the FOSS mentality applied to -everything-.
>(that also makes it on topic +1)
>This is also part of what makes Chugalug cool/kewl. I shared a snippit 
>about UTF8 filtering and James Nylen made it -better-, sharing an 
>Sharing is a gift, and we forget to think of it as such. Our 
>JudeoChristianCapitalist ways tend to want to use such things for personal 
>advantage. We need to balance enough of that to survive and thrive, with 
>what makes the community a better place.
>Which reminds me, I need to go donate to the Synergy Project 
>https://synergy-foss.org because I appreciate how well it works.
>They're looking for some survive and thrive cash... and I'd like Cut and 
>Paste between desktops. My main desktop at work a Mac Pro with two 
>Thunderbolts, and a Linux Bodhi Dual-Head above it. Synergy bonds them
>together well.
>(On topic digression, +1)
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