[Chugalug] Working for Facebook ...

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Thu Jun 27 10:37:01 UTC 2013

> While I'd like to make a burn sometime.
> After hanging out with hippies, mutant libertarians, and other non-conformists I'm not sure how radical it would be.
> Hell I know people on The Farm.

Between what Eric said publically, and I know of others on the list, you 
aren't even close.

What makes Burning Man, and even things like the Chatt*Lab makerspace kewl
(to me) is the collection of uber-competent, successful (in many ways), 
"freaky" (to the default world) people, all working together and sharing just about 
everything. In many ways it is the FOSS mentality applied to -everything-.

(that also makes it on topic +1)

This is also part of what makes Chugalug cool/kewl. I shared a snippit 
about UTF8 filtering and James Nylen made it -better-, sharing an 

Sharing is a gift, and we forget to think of it as such. Our 
JudeoChristianCapitalist ways tend to want to use such things for personal 
advantage. We need to balance enough of that to survive and thrive, with 
what makes the community a better place.

Which reminds me, I need to go donate to the Synergy Project 
https://synergy-foss.org because I appreciate how well it works.
They're looking for some survive and thrive cash... and I'd like Cut and 
Paste between desktops. My main desktop at work a Mac Pro with two 
Thunderbolts, and a Linux Bodhi Dual-Head above it. Synergy bonds them
together well.

(On topic digression, +1)

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