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While I'd like to make a burn sometime.
After hanging out with hippies, mutant libertarians, and other non-conformists I'm not sure how radical it would be.
Hell I know people on The Farm.

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> On Wed, 26 Jun 2013, Dan Lyke wrote:
> > On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:12 PM, DaWorm <daworm at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> I can't imagine just what sort of "possibilities" you are talking
> >> about.
> >
> > Ask Mike about how going to Burning Man changed his life
> > perspectives.
> It didn't "change" them, it reverted them to where they were a long
> long
> time ago to where they should be and saved my life and sanity in the
> process.
> Meeting the people I've met in both Burning Man and the Left Coast on
> visits is a mind altering reality check. Thanks Dan.
> And in case you are wondering.. the "me" most of you see is just one
> facet
> / persona.... Culturally in many ways, I probably belong in So Cal..
> or
> another planet.
> I almost moved from Chattanooga in 2003. Had the reasons to, the
> money to
> and the urge. A handful of dear friends made me flip a coin and stick
> here. Clem's dead, Princess Pam, Just Jen and Ann are elsewhere...
> Shane
> (ranger 'Bama) is travelling the world or working for Burning Man as
> and more.. Ronnie just visited from Asheville... new local friends
> like
> "WinterSun" and "Leather" are accumulating.
> I'm now tied to Chattanooga via Nancy and her kids.. but that is
> fading
> (not Nancy, but needing to be near the kids is) and a job/business
> interest. With the dev and production business servers in colocation,
> the
> business and people involved in it could be anywhere. Nancy and I
> constantly consider moving into an RV (with Sat uplink and long range
> Wifi
> antennas plus GPRS ) and working from there.
> I'm currently travelling a lot.. I've been chatty this week because
> I'm in
> town... and Chattanooga really is a nice place to live, I just don't
> try
> to make a living here any more. Business is elsewhere. They don't
> care
> where I am either as long as I have a decent 'net connection and I
> can be
> up and conversant in their time zone. If you can work and be
> conversant
> and integrated via the 'web.. you can be anywhere. Add the mobility
> to
> travel to meet people and work with them when you need to... and it's
> a
> winning combination.
> It does take a special set of skills to be physically apart and stay
> connected and in sync, but it's not THAT hard.
> Right now, my life in Chattanooga is pretty good. Cheap nice place
> to come home to. Wish the airport hops were more reliable or there
> was a
> high speed train to Atlanta airport. Megabus and Groom Shuttle
> help...
> and the panhandlers would go away.. That's my biggest complaints.
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