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fame, heh
fortune, heh
a jedi seeks not these things

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Well I decided to send my resume off... I think the experience of interviewing with a large well funded code house would help me regardless.
Moving across the country is not something that's taken lightly but I guess *if*, and thats a big if, they offer me a position it would be the money that would decide if I accept. Though I do believe Cali would offer better networking experience, simply because they have more code houses in that geographical area your more likely to run into IT guys in day to day life. Moving from TN would hard on my wife who would need to take a new bar exam... not something she takes lightly.
>From what I've read Facebook pays well and their staff consistently rates them as one of the best places to work in the country. I'd hate to turn it down and think what if...
</incoherent rambling>
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