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DaWorm daworm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 19:12:12 UTC 2013

  This statement intrigues me...

"I did not understand how much culture and language impacted ontology 'til
I moved to California. Honestly, I love Chattanooga, but the possibilities
that the culture out here allows us to envision are spectacularly

I can't imagine just what sort of "possibilities" you are talking about.
 Either because I live in Chattanooga I'm somehow closed minded, or else
despite living in Chattanooga I have a very active imagination, I
personally don't see what the differences could be.  What sort of things
become possible just because you live in California?  Just what makes them
"spectacularly different"?

Feel free to reply off list, if you like (or via Facebook - see, back on
target-ish).  But I think everyone might like to know what you mean by that.

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