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Wed Jun 26 18:53:40 UTC 2013

My employer moved me to California last September.  The cost of living is
positively outrageous but it is a nice place to live.  Especially if you
like the outdoors and Chattanooga's pollen count is a bit much to cope with
     I decided to live in San Francisco instead of in the valley... I'm
withholding judgement on the location I picked until I hit the year mark.
On Jun 26, 2013 11:13 AM, "Mike Robinson" <miker at sundialservices.com> wrote:

> Eric, "we shall agree to disagree."  :-)  Whereas your conclusion was that
> "California is the only place Where It's At," such that you Must Go There
> in order to be Significant In This Business ... I have consistently found
> that this is not the case.
> My perspective is that the Internet, in particular, utterly wiped-out the
> actual importance of "Location, Location, Location."  Right now I am
> working with a group with folks in Singapore, Germany, Switzerland,
> Washington state, and Colorado.  Over the past thirty years, it's always,
> one way or the other, been the same:  you can do the work, and you can
> communicate with the people you need to, and it frankly doesn't make the
> slightest bit of technical difference where you hang your hat.
> These days (and I know this is certainly true in Apple and DreamWorks but
> I can't speak for FB), you spend a LOT of time in business meetings at
> 11pm, because that's morning in Bangladore.  It somehow doesn't seem to
> occur to anyone that, if the growing majority of your actual work-group is
> in India, it actually MUSN'T Really Matter that you camp out in California.
>  ("When," not "if," the next Immigration bill passes, the number of
> employed Americans will decline still further, and Silicon Valley is an
> absolutely dreadful place to be unemployed.  (http://
> billmoyers.com/content/homeless-in-high-techs-shadow/)
> I'm not suggesting to anyone that they ought not pursue their dreams as
> they see it ... but I do wish to caution that you need to pursue your
> dreams today "with eyes wide open."  I have =been= =there= as recently as
> six weeks ago, since I do have clients there.  It's been a very, very, very
> long time since the day when Messrs. Wozniak and Jobs could start a
> business in their parent's garage.  Hell, it's been quite a long time since
> their parents could actually afford to own "a garage," and the "obligatory
> ranch house" that went along with it ... in the (and I actually remember
> them) plum orchards that Cupertino and Sunnyvale used to be.
> Eyes .. Wide .. Open.  Then, if you wish:  "Go For It!!"  I did .. I don't
> regret it .. I won't do it again.
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