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Mike Robinson miker at sundialservices.com
Wed Jun 26 18:09:33 UTC 2013

Eric, "we shall agree to disagree."  :-)  Whereas your conclusion was that "California is the only place Where It's At," such that you Must Go There in order to be Significant In This Business ... I have consistently found that this is not the case.

My perspective is that the Internet, in particular, utterly wiped-out the actual importance of "Location, Location, Location."  Right now I am working with a group with folks in Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Washington state, and Colorado.  Over the past thirty years, it's always, one way or the other, been the same:  you can do the work, and you can communicate with the people you need to, and it frankly doesn't make the slightest bit of technical difference where you hang your hat.

These days (and I know this is certainly true in Apple and DreamWorks but I can't speak for FB), you spend a LOT of time in business meetings at 11pm, because that's morning in Bangladore.  It somehow doesn't seem to occur to anyone that, if the growing majority of your actual work-group is in India, it actually MUSN'T Really Matter that you camp out in California.  ("When," not "if," the next Immigration bill passes, the number of employed Americans will decline still further, and Silicon Valley is an absolutely dreadful place to be unemployed.  (http://billmoyers.com/content/homeless-in-high-techs-shadow/)  

I'm not suggesting to anyone that they ought not pursue their dreams as they see it ... but I do wish to caution that you need to pursue your dreams today "with eyes wide open."  I have =been= =there= as recently as six weeks ago, since I do have clients there.  It's been a very, very, very long time since the day when Messrs. Wozniak and Jobs could start a business in their parent's garage.  Hell, it's been quite a long time since their parents could actually afford to own "a garage," and the "obligatory ranch house" that went along with it ... in the (and I actually remember them) plum orchards that Cupertino and Sunnyvale used to be.

Eyes .. Wide .. Open.  Then, if you wish:  "Go For It!!"  I did .. I don't regret it .. I won't do it again.

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