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Dan Lyke danlyke at flutterby.com
Wed Jun 26 16:25:22 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 7:48 AM, Mike Robinson
<miker at sundialservices.com> wrote:
> Fact is, I think that =Chattanooga= just happens to be one of the hottest
> growing "high tech towns" in America.

And I wanted to toss the obligatory "all techs should end up in
California eventually" comment out there. Note that I've been in
California nearly 18 years, so these experiences are almost 2 decades
out of date. Although I've got some great friends still in
Chattanooga, moving to California was the right decision:

* I have had a way easier time getting paid for my work in California
than I did in Chattanooga. Had any number of people hire me for
contract work in Chattanooga, then had to pester the hell out of them
to get paid a small fraction of what that work was worth.

* Yeah, it costs more. As Eric Wolf observed, "the currency looks the
same, but I don't understand the exchange rate". Buy a house and call
it a savings plan. But for other issues, note that if you lived in
Chattanooga you'd have to spend several weeks a year at conferences to
get the kind of discussion and exchange of ideas that you get out here
in the Bay Area. So your salary expectations for Chattanooga should
really be on-par with the Bay Area.

* On those several weeks of conferences a year, do you make better
social connections at a few days at a conference, or with your cycling
buddies or the once-a-month gathering on topic X (and seeing some of
those same faces at the topic Y and Z conferences).

* I did not understand how much culture and language impacted ontology
'til I moved to California. Honestly, I love Chattanooga, but the
possibilities that the culture out here allows us to envision are
spectacularly different.

* Yeah, just like in Chattanooga, in select neighborhoods we've got
gigabit fiber to the home. I think it's $80+ local taxes, hundred
megabit is $40+ local taxes. (However, I don't have gigabit fiber to
the home, alas.)

Can't speak to working at Facebook, I far prefer small companies.


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