[Chugalug] Linked-in endorsements

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Mon Jun 24 22:21:07 UTC 2013

On Mon, 24 Jun 2013, James Nylen wrote:

> Am I the only one around here who hates social networking?
> http://nylen.tv/social-networking.jpg

Laughing, It's a Love+Hate thing with me. Chugalug, for example is a very 
specific form of Social Networking. My issue is with the Google/Facebook 
side of social networking where they try to assemble one "me" from many 
sources and glue them all together and glue all of those parts together.
Heck. might as well just link everything/everyone on the internet 

But "Social networking" is important, when done correctly. I met Nancy (my 
wife) on Match.com: Very social networking.

I'm proudly a member of many very different communities, with radically 
different goals, ideas, structures and rules. And I'm a slightly different 
personal, a "persona" or facade in each of them. All true to me, but a 
different part of me.

Am I an uber pro-foss arrogant geek bastard, a helpful mentor, an 
employer, a respected IT consultant and programmer... Linux nutcase.

Using G+ metaphors:

In another circle I am a "sound-man", DJ (when coerced), dancer, 

In another circle I am a cave explorer, vertical rope technical and rigger..

In another I make things, weld, drill, machine.. and blow them up / burn 
them down..

In another circle..  (you get the idea)

I attempt to keep a professional appearance on Linked In, which has been 
good for business and personal. While I like to swim, I don't swim in 
sewers, so no FaceSplatSpace.. and in my more personal social circles,
there is no regional overlap to the ones listed above. ie:
You aren't going to see my connection to the Elvis Impersonators Guild
overlapping with Chugalug. Oh. Yeah. Guess I just let that out of the bag.
But you get the idea.

Anyone want to buy an Elvis wig and white blingly jumpsuit?

The visual dade you cringe, didn't it?
That's why the overlap can be a bad thing.

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