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Bogdana Rakova bobi at hutgrip.com
Fri Jun 21 17:40:31 UTC 2013

Hello All Awesome Chugalugitarians,

I want to introduce myselft too. I'm Bobi and I'm in Chattanooga with a
very cool company working on Big Data analysis for the Manufacturing
Industry. If you are interested in the field it would be great to chat with
you during the Meet Up tomorrow!


P.S. There was a very cool set of BigData articles which came out a few
days ago:

Bobi Rakova,
Hutgrip <http://hutgrip.com/> | Agilart <http://www.agilart.com/> | skype:
b.rakova | +1 423 2557936 | @bobirakova <https://twitter.com/bobirakova>
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