[Chugalug] No internet connection

kitepilot at kitepilot.com kitepilot at kitepilot.com
Sun Jun 16 13:45:21 UTC 2013

Garret, you are jumping the guns...
Step one:
do you get a link when you plug the EnGenius' cable to the puter:
#ip addr show
You need to identify the adapter (eth0/eth1?) and validate that you don't 
have on it something like:
eth?: <NO-CARRIER... 

Another way is to 'dmesg', plug the cable and 'dmesg' again.  'dmesg' should 
add a line stating that the link has been established.
If you don't get a link, you are dead in the water, but that doesn't mean 
the the EnGenius is broken.
Test the adapter with another cable/device combination until you rule out 
the obvious and establish that your adapter/cable combo is good (or not). 

If you determine that your EnGenius and your puter can establish a link, 
then your problem is in the wireless. Check the list of associated devices 
in the router.  An 'association' in the wireless is the equivalent to the 
'cable connection' in the RJ-45.  It is your level 2 connection. 

If you don't know what your 'level 2 connection' is, do a search for the 
'OSI model' and read. 

If the devices could associate before and now they can't, it may be for a 
number of reasons, not necessarily bad hardware, but if they don't 
associate, there is no music. 

If the EnGenius can associate, reset it to default (and maybe the router 
too) and validate that they associate. 

If you determine that they can associate, then you have a level 3 problem 
(network, which is *DEFINETLY* not hardware)
Troubleshoot network now, how?
ping the device from your router.  The device either has a default IP 
(documentation) got a DHCP(ep) one (router table) or you assigned one to it 
(your memory, you are doomed) 

If not even that helped, feel free to come by and I'll help you troubleshoot 
(or hand you a device if you *REALLY* need one).
Don't grow into the habit of fixing problems by throwing money at them, it 
can get expensive.
Especially when you don't have the money...

PS:, and always remember, if you ask any question,
you will get any answer... 


Garrett Gaston writes: 

> Iv lost internet to my desktop, all other devices in the house r working fine which leds me to believe that the problem is with my EnGenius range extender/bridge. Whats a good wireless product that will allow my Linux desktop to connect to my netgear router? Thanks.

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