[Chugalug] Any Co-location providers in the area?

Lynn Dixon boodaddy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 17:52:15 UTC 2013

It appears I may be looking for a new co-location provider.  I have been at
Smith and Hammaker in Knoxville for over 2 years now without any problems
and HAD been a happy customer.

Fast forward to today: I get an email from the new CIO telling me they
"Re-evaluated their pricing to best suit everyone needs" and then he
proceeded to tell me my co-location contract would be increasing from
$35/month to $410/month.

An increase of 12x without any notification or justification is just not
good business, and I am slightly pissed as you might imagine.

So, do any of you know of any good local co-location facilities in the area
that have decent pricing?  I really want to stay local, but I am willing to
co-locate far away to get good pricing.

I have had good experiences with these 2, and I may end up going with one
of these guys again:




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