[Chugalug] Is time for crypto for non-techies class?

Stephen Kraus ub3ratl4sf00 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 19:35:00 UTC 2013

Signing is a great idea, but for the time being and considering the
capabilities I've seen for breaking encryption (hint: they broke the
encryption on the previously mentioned dudes hard disk) I'm going to assume
any and all communications across the WAN are compromised and monitored.
On Jun 11, 2013 2:26 PM, "Mike Robinson" <miker at sundialservices.com> wrote:

> Is time for crypto for non-techies class?
> I think that people ought to know how to make their e-mail "as secure as
> https," and for the same reasons – not in some vain attempt to thwart the
> NSA.
> You can teach them about "OpenPGP," which is a plug-in, and you can
> especially teach them about "S / MIME, aka PEM," which actually is built-in
> to most email clients already.  (But, strangely enough, not in webmail
> clients.)  Both of these are open standards.
> The most significant pragmatic benefit to these is simply, "message
> signing."  It gives you some degree of confidence that the message that you
> just received actually came from your mother, and that your evil little
> sister didn't alter the message to say that YOU had to take the garbage out
> from now on.
> I wish that the use of message-signatures had long ago become "routine
> practice."  If, say, Southwest Airlines routinely signed all of their
> e-mails with a publicly available key, then it would be possible to get rid
> of a lot of spam – as well as intentionally false or misleading or even
> harmful messages – just by creating a filter (say, on a mail junction
> server) that says, "if it comes from such-and-so but does not bear a valid
> signature from such-and-so, kill this message."
> Message encryption is also nice, but a lot less called-for than signing.
> There are legitimate reasons for crypto which have nothing to do with
> paranoia or mind-control.  Pay no attention to the little man behind the
> curtain.  Be sure that your aluminum-foil hat is in its full upright and
> locked position.  Truth is false.  Wrong is right.  You are getting sleepy,
> very sleepy.  These aren't the 'droids you're looking for.  Move along.
>  Move along.
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