[Chugalug] OT: RJ45 to Wi-Fi adapter

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 2 11:54:01 UTC 2013

On 06/02/2013 04:49 AM, Alex Smith (K4RNT) wrote:
> Other options I can think of, in no particular order:
> 1) Wi-FI network bridge (a router with DD-WRT installed acting as a 
> "client bridge" mode)
> 2) Buy a sufficienty long CAT6 Ethernet cable
> 3) Buy a network switch and then follow #2
> 4) Buy a Wi-Fi network adapter
> Also do check to see your Blu-Ray player supports Wi-Fi - it might 
> have that capability.
> A great resource you may want to look into is VideoHelp.com, a really 
> good site with instructions, technical documentation, etc.
> However, my favorite features on the site include how-to guides for 
> doing a repair work yourself, as well a database of players and 
> recorders, with detailed information, varying from model to model, 
> what video and audio formats they support, etc.
> They also have unlock codes for many years, some models may have it, 
> some might not.
> www.videohelp.com <http://www.videohelp.com>
> Hope this helps.
Duh! Silly me... it appears that it has Wi-Fi built-in. I may still get 
a Roku, but we'll have to see how this works. May need a new router and 
will probably need to upgrade my DSL account. :D
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