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I have a ZyXEL MWR102 that serves as either an AP or router. I have used it as a client bridge for streaming media to and from a Blu-Ray drive and to a TV. I have also used it as a wireless access point for printers.

Very small, runs off USB power (it comes with a power supply and a usb cord,) and nice setup via web interface. It is much like a small version a DD-WRT router.

Nice unit to keep in a go bag for those times you need flexibility in Internet connections too.



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So I bought a refurbished Blu-Ray player awhile back and it's been  
sitting in the package it arrived in since I got it. Now that I have a  
new TV being delivered tomorrow (50" set wouldn't fit in my back seat) I  
got the Blu-Ray player out and put it in place of my VHS/DVD player. To  
my amazement, this Blu-Ray player has an RJ45 network jack on the back. 
My question is, does anyone know of a reliable RJ45 to Wi-Fi network  
adapter suitable for use for a multi-media device such as this? 
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