[Chugalug] OT: RJ45 to Wi-Fi adapter

Chris St. Pierre chris.a.st.pierre at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 01:55:40 UTC 2013

Just brainstorming: I bet you could whip something up quite easily and
cheaply with a Raspberry Pi and a wifi dongle. Obviously overkill, but if
you ever found something else that worked, hey, you'd have a spare Pi... :)
On Jun 1, 2013 9:46 PM, "Bret McHone" <dbmchone at gmail.com> wrote:

> a quick google search for "ethernet to wireless bridge" yielded a number
> of results. one of which was:
> http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-Linksys-WET54G-Wireless-G-Ethernet-Bridge/dp/B00008WMBT
> I've not used it and do not endorse it in any way. It's just to give you
> an idea of what to look for.
> best of luck.
> -Bret
> On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 9:30 PM, John Aldrich <jmaldrich at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> So I bought a refurbished Blu-Ray player awhile back and it's been
>> sitting in the package it arrived in since I got it. Now that I have a new
>> TV being delivered tomorrow (50" set wouldn't fit in my back seat) I got
>> the Blu-Ray player out and put it in place of my VHS/DVD player. To my
>> amazement, this Blu-Ray player has an RJ45 network jack on the back.
>> My question is, does anyone know of a reliable RJ45 to Wi-Fi network
>> adapter suitable for use for a multi-media device such as this?
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