[Chugalug] Introducing Myself

Dr.D don at coastlandtech.com
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Hi Tim, 
Looks like you have some interesting stuff going on at
http://openchattanooga.com .  
Welcome to the Chugalug group... 


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Hello Chugalugans, 

My name is Tim and I've a fairly recent transplant from Memphis (less than 3
years ago). I run Ubuntu on my desktop at home and have a Windows / Ubuntu
dual boot setup on one of my computers at work. I'm pretty new to linux but
am always looking to learn more. I guess the other thing that may be of
interest to this group is my involvement with a local civic hacking group
called Open Chattanooga. If you are interested in hearing more about our
work check out the links below and join our Google Group. Take care. 

Website: http://openchattanooga.com/ 
Facebook: http://facebook.com/OpenChattanooga
Twitter: https://twitter.com/openchattanooga
Google Group:

Tim Moreland

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