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Well, what I'm looking for isn't that terrible complicated. We have five people in our group, and all we are looking for is a way for everyone to manage tasks, and keep up with everything we have to do. We're not doing requirements , determining budgets, or really even following true "Project Management" practices. All I'm looking for is a tool that we can use to stay on track. As for reporting, the manager wants to have a dashboard that shows him what we're working on at a glance, and whether or not we are on track to meet our deadlines. Also, he wants to be able to re-prioritize things from his dashboard. We send him a weekly summary, and we would like to be able to automate the generation of the summary if possible. The summary shows what we've been doing all week. 

Remember that we cannot spend money, so Trello and BaseCamp are out! 


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Ah, scratch that maybe, Trello doesn't have that great of reporting options. 

Basecamp with addons is your best bet if you need reporting, it definitely won't be free, though. 

As someone who has worked on Access projects in the past, I would avoid Access. 

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We use the new basecamp at work (which is awesome), but there's a free project management app made by the stackoverflow guys I use for my intern. It's basically a fancy kanban. You can attach documents, tasklists, labels to your cards: 


If you want to see what a workflow using trello might look like, they allow you to make your trello boards public, and the board Fog Creek uses to manage the Trello project is open to the public: https://trello.com/board/trello-development/4d5ea62fd76aa1136000000c 

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I'm looking for a good open source web based project management application for a small group. The requirements are that it must be free (no cost), and have a nice dashboard and strong reporting options. So far I've looked at Redmine, but we're not developers, so Chili looks a little more promissing. I've also looked at ProjectPier, but it seems a little week on reporting. 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! My boss is pressuring me to do this in Access, and I'm trying to do everything I can to avoid that! 

Jonathan Calloway 

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