[Chugalug] Bye bye N900, thanks for all the fish..

Chad Smith chad78 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 23:30:25 UTC 2013

Mike - I still have my N900, and it's still rubbing just fine.  Let me know
if you want to buy it or trade it for something awesome.  :D

Conversely - if you haven't trashed your broken one - does it still
function at all?  Like even just as a pocket computer device, without the

I really want a new phone, but the problem is, AT&T makes you have a data
plan on certain phones, even if you never use their data, and even if you
bought the phone outright - or from someone else.  (I tried a used iPhone
3G about a year ago, and they sent me a text saying they have added the
monthly fee.)

*- Chad W. Smith*

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 5:07 PM, Eric Wolf <ebwolf at gmail.com> wrote:

> I bought Asha an iPhone 4 on Virgin for Xmas. It replaced her old Samsung
> flip-phone on Verizon Prepaid. She's beed thrilled with it to the extent
> that she entered her entire address book (deadtree) direct into the phone.
> She wanted to do that before installing Gmail. I kept telling her she can
> install Gmail then sync her contacts with Gmail... Now I need to get them
> to sync in the other direction so that her contacts end up in Gmail.
> I'm in the market for a new phone myself. I'm averse to the contract model
> that cell carriers use. I'd like to see if I can unlock a Virgin iPhone 4GS
> to work on other US networks. But there's little point since Virgin is
> currently cheaper than the other networks.
> -Eric
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