[Chugalug] Short intro

Dr.D don at coastlandtech.com
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Let me say Hi.. I am Don Peek (Dr.D)  . Welcome to the list.. 
There are more people on this list that you don't see then you can count..
but if you need something 
ask, there is a vast array of knowledge here...We try to keep on subject,
but that is flexible.  I have 
even seen "3" post about Window$ in the past.  Just jump in.. and be at
PS: Just don't ask about a meeting.. <snicker> 


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Hello-the welcome message for joining the mailing list said to introduce
myself, so yeah.


My name's Aric, I grew up here but moved to Seattle some years ago to work
for Amazon.com, and just moved back recently.  I run Ubuntu on my home
server, and distro hop like mad on my PC.  I'm definitely not a Linux guru
but hoping to be eventually.  I'm one of the maybe 5 people on the planet
that actually really likes GNOME 3.  (Probably shouldn't have said that out


Anything you'd like to know, feel free to ask.  Glad to be here.





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