[Chugalug] drupal & drush install on wheezy

Dave Brockman dave at brockmans.com
Sat Jan 19 00:21:48 UTC 2013

On 1/18/2013 5:43 PM, Dave Brockman wrote:
> On 1/18/2013 1:36 PM, Rod-Lists wrote:
>> Turns out wheezy has Drupal 7 and Drush in the repos. In theory I
>> could just install Drush and install latest core from Drush. Any
>> downside to that?
> I don't really know what Drush is, but my general advice regarding
> installing from Repo and then upgrading via other means usually means
> a whole punch of pain.  And if Drush is just a package or extension of
> Drupal... a php database web-abb, quit being lazy and just install the
> damn thing from source.

Just following up after educating myself as to what Drush is.  I stand
by my previous assertions.  One being, pick your poison, distro or other
means, and never cross the streams.  Second being, as convenient as

#apt-get install drupal drush

I find in practice that it takes more time to undo the settings made to
my system that I *don't* want (server-wide /alias, root of default
vhost, etc) than it would have been to download the source and install
it how *I* want it installed.  Plus, you'll need to "pin" or otherwise
avoid apt either mixing some things up, or giving you nasty errors about



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