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I still contract for Amazon on the side, in addition to working as an Account Manager for a Seattle marketing firm.


And yeah, it’s tough here for the tech industry.  I was hoping that EPB’s Gbps offering would attract some tech startups, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.  (I’ve toyed with starting something myself, but I’m not familiar enough with the local market yet to think of anything useful.)  Linux-related jobs here especially seem non-existent, so I was glad to see a Chattanooga LUG.  


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Welcome to Chattanooga, I too am an Amazonian, I live in northern Virginia and work for Data Center Operations as a hardware technician.


Are you still with Amazon? Enjoy the area, it's awesome! My dad used to live in Soddy Daisy and worked for US Express as a developer, he now lives in Lincoln County, still looking for work, but he's unfortunately got most of his experience in .NET. I'm trying to help him acquire some additional skills to help him in his job search. He's cleared as well, carries a Secret clearance! Too bad he's had such a hard time finding work... :(

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Hello—the welcome message for joining the mailing list said to introduce myself, so yeah.


My name’s Aric, I grew up here but moved to Seattle some years ago to work for Amazon.com, and just moved back recently.  I run Ubuntu on my home server, and distro hop like mad on my PC.  I’m definitely not a Linux guru but hoping to be eventually.  I’m one of the maybe 5 people on the planet that actually really likes GNOME 3.  (Probably shouldn’t have said that out loud.)


Anything you’d like to know, feel free to ask.  Glad to be here.





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