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My wife and I bought a house here—we both work from home these days, and although I love Seattle, the housing market is insane.  We both have lived here for a long time, are familiar with it, and approve of the improvements since we left (although it’s still got a ways to go).


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I am also a Gnome 3 user. So is my wife. Quite nice.


Welcome Aric! What brought you back to Chatty?


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Cool another Gnome 3 user. Is there anymore?

I've been using it since its release on Fedora. It's grown on me. There are some things I don't like & wish would change but nothing that's a deal breaker.

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>I'm running it minus gnome shell on a dualcore 2009 aspire 1.
>seems quite snappy.
>----- DJ <tyr at tyr2k.com> wrote:
>> Welcome Aric, & finally someone else that actually likes Gnome 3, I was beginning to think I was the only 1.  LOL
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