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DaWorm daworm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 21:58:38 UTC 2013

Can anyone recommend a course, either brick and mortar in the Chattanooga
area, or online, that covers setting up a system with embedded Linux?

I'm looking for something that covers the build system, distro choices (if
any), device driver development, system startup tasks, display/graphics
issues, application startup, security, debugging and the like.  Something
that uses a Arm based dev board, such as a BeagleBoard, would be best.

I'm looking at a project that would involve LCD graphics and SSL networking
over wired LAN and cell modem, among other things, and it's getting to the
point that roll your own solutions are becoming too complex (for me,
especially the SSL).  I'm thinking of offloading the non-standard hardware
control to cheap (~$2 to $5) Arm Cortex CPU's with USB device capabilities
and purchasing off the shelf ARM boards for the computing/UI/control tasks,
coupled with a large USB hub to handle up to eight serial devices and two
discrete I/O devices (nothing with any serious real time constraints).
Embedded Linux seems like the safest way to go, but I'm going to need some
help getting started, so I figured a good class or two would be in order,
and you guys would be the ones to know if there are actually any out there.

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