[Chugalug] Help building ancient app...

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 8 13:21:03 UTC 2013

Quoting DaWorm <daworm at gmail.com>:

> On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 7:29 PM, DaWorm <daworm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Well, switching to gcc 4.4 (from 4.6) didn't help any.  Type to look for
>> updated wine headers.
>> Jeff.
>> Giving up.  I downloaded wine, added the path to the wine header files,
> modified a few other easy places where the name of the include file
> changed, got much farther, but eventually had to give up.  When it started
> wanting stuff from w16.h and a bunch of 16 bit stuff not to be found any
> more...  Too much for me.  Will look to a more modern cad system, even if
> it isn't tailored for woodworking.
Worm, if you really are giving up, I did a quick Google search and  
found this site which lists a number of Linux-based "CAD" apps. Maybe  
one of them will work for you -  

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