[Chugalug] Creswell - Junk Sale - Robotics, Controllers and More

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Mon Jan 7 18:49:08 UTC 2013

Greg Ross, ala Estate of Confusion ala 301 East Main Street at 645-2818

Is helping Creswell Supply http://www.creswellrichardson.com
sell off a bunch of high tech automaticion junque.
ala: Transformers, Motors, Motor Controllers, some Fanuc industrial 
robots, bearings, power couplings, etc from some warehouse that
just got dumped into big boxes and shipped to them.

There are a lot of new and used switches, controllers (think big red "stop 
buttons" in metal boxes.. and similar gear.

Most of it's a little heavy duty for home hobbiests, but some of it is
useful for the serious geek.

and if you need it there are 3 phase motors, 480 volt 10kva transformers
and lots of other stuff. Need a box of 100amp SCR's? How about some 300 
amp ones? Lots of weird expensive hardware, brackets, bearing pillow

I'm pluging this because so many of you are seriously into such things.
Contact Greg Ross if so.

There are also 19" and 24" racks and cabinets, NEW still in shrink wrap..

I spent an hour or two today looking through stuff, I might get some pics 
up later.. but what they don't sell quick is heading to the scrap yard 

Mike Harrison   bogon at geeklabs.com  cell: 423.605.6943

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