[Chugalug] DevChatt

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Sun Jan 6 17:05:41 UTC 2013

On Sun, 6 Jan 2013, Rod-Lists wrote:
> We need a EFF style track with an emphasis security for normal people.

Just before Christmas I was in Jacksonville Florida hanging with some 
upper middle class "normal" people, including a friend that does a lot of 
international business but is not techno-savvy (not like Phil).

I'd been polite for a few hours.. but had drank a lot of coffee
and was wound up when they started asking me about online security.
I think (not sure) a couple of them had had "identity theft" issues,
which is the politically correct term for "I'm ignorant of the tools I am 
using and their implications and got burned".

I asked them my most basic question:

"How many of you have your credit card information on your computer so 
you can cut and paste it into websites when you buy things... probably 
with all your secret question answers and other info..."

A couple of looks of instant awareness and connections made... and 2 hands 
started to raise triggered my "Windows is not secure" and other rants..

Luckily, my lovely wife broke my ensuring rant and remembered we needed to 
be somewhere else soon.

My point is: We geeks (including people who just know what operating 
system they are using... ) tend to not hang with "normal" people, and
anyone attending DevChat or a similar event would not qualify as "normal".

A security track is a GREAT idea.. but the audience will not be the 
mundane normal people. I do think it might be funny to do a short bit 

"How to properly explain security to your non-technical co-workers, 
employers, friends and family."

With a handout using stick figures and short common words.


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