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Sun Jan 6 02:29:16 UTC 2013

Hmm I know Ubuntu supports cell modems. I wonder how debian does?

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> I was perusing ebay to check out values of some geekery I need to
> sell
> and stumbled across something else that i don't need, so of course I
> did
> the right thing and bought it.
> Waaaayyyyy back in 2008 when the MacBook Air was the coolest thing
> ever,
> Nokia made a horrendously expensive Netbook carved out of a block of
> Aluminium. It looks like a tiny Macbook pro and  has built in 3g
> through
> a SIM card slot, and 12 hours of battery life. It also is a fairly
> pokey
> Atom Z530 processor, gma 500 graphics, a 1.8" 4200 rpm sata drive
> that
> is SLLLOOOOOOWWWW, and worst of all 1GB of ram that is soldered to
> the
> mobo with ZERO upgrade possibility.
> The good news is it plays well out of the box with all 12.10 based
> flavors (typing this in Xubuntu). It is fairly snappy and certainly
> quite usable. I ordered a 1.8 SSD off ebay for cheap and hope that it
> will speed things up just enough to where this is a pleasant
> experience
> rather than a bearable one. The battery life is absolutely out of
> this
> world. Next stop is Lubuntu which is supposed to be the lightest
> weight
> of all of the 'buntu's.
> For the final price this may be one of my best finds yet, and it is
> Just passin it on cause they are goin way cheap on the 'bay.  Search
> Nokia Booklet 3g.
> Happy New Year!!!!
> Phil
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