[Chugalug] Easy linux images for CompactFlash and x86/Via Epia embedded devices?

Dan Lyke danlyke at flutterby.com
Thu Jan 3 20:31:17 UTC 2013

We're doing a massive rework of our house wiring. I tore out the
doorbell transformer, ran the numbers, and realized that the
transformer draws about 3 watts(!). All the time.

Hell, thought I, for that power I could run a Linux server doing
nothing but watching the doorbell. And if I ran a Linux server, I
could have it tunnel through the shop firewall and alert me back in the
workshop when the doorbell rang! And maybe hang more cheap webcams off
the computer, so I can show who's at the front door. And have a better
sounding doorbell than the gawdawful synthesizers they're using these
days. Heck, I could get a couple of lengths of cast iron sewer pipe,
and hook up a couple of solenoids, and have an actual freakin door
bell. And then I could have some mechanism for sending messages to the
shop when people are watching it.[0]

So I looked on my shelf and I could buy a couple of Raspberry Pi
boards, or even rework a couple of Atmel dev kits, but I have 2 500 MHz
Via Epia devices sitting there on the shelf. They probably draw an
extra watt or two, but they're x86, have serial ports and NTSC out
and a parallel port for digital I/O, and...

I could compile this from scratch. I've done it before[1]. But I'm sure
there are images.

I've found the iMedia embedded Linux install, but before I boot back
into Windows to follow their instructions for putting an ISO on
CompactFlash, I wanted to know if anyone else has a recommendation for
any other quick easy way to get a web server, some Perl, Python, or
even just C, everything running as root, on to a CF card.



[0] http://shopcam.flutterby.net/
[1] http://www.flutterby.com/archives/wiki.cgi?wikiid=726

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