[Chugalug] What is Ubuntu going to announce today at 1pm ET?

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Thu Jan 3 09:43:40 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2 Jan 2013, Chad Smith wrote:
> I do like Ubuntu on the phone.  I have some Debian stuff installed on my N900.  I think they have the chops to do something - I don't think it will be a third
> contender, or even really get tot he Windows Phone / Blackberry level, but it will be a fun Geek toy.  I've always wanted one OS to rule them all...  

On my Christmas trip w/Nancy. I used my N900 to SSH into another server, 
edit a text file on that server via shell, run a command and keep 400 
people's power turned on in another country. Doing while Nancy is oowing 
and aaawing while watching a Giraffe while we eat dinner saves my life. 
(We were at Disney, not in Africa)

ConnectBot and the other Android SSH apps work, but having a real shell
on the phone, with ssh/scp with full options (ports, etc..) is better.

Yeah, I want a real, full, Linux based phone. I hadn't watched the whole
Ubuntu video yet (I got interrupted), but sign me up. Soon.
Jolla, Ubuntu..  I'm really not that picky, because my well travelled N900 
(Been around the world a few times, literally) is showing it's age.
Otherwise I'll have to buy an SIII or other Android phone.

Jolla's claiming the ability to run Android apps.. Might be a plus.

Funny part is, I don't think most people should care what their phone 
runs, as long as it works for them...

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