[Chugalug] Brute force attacks on router… Maybe?

Phil Sieg phil.sieg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 20:12:05 UTC 2013

Ok gang I need some help here... Dave Brockman weigh in if you have time.

I have a wireless network at the office that will not behave. I always run my wireless routers as AP only with no DHCP. PfSense is doing all the heavy lifting.

I have replaced the router at the office with 4 different brands in the last 8 months. Currently a Cisco/linksys product. Was fine until yesterday then started acting up in similar ways to the last 3 units. Some of my connected computers just disconnect and will NOT maintain a connection unless I reboot the router. Add to that the the admin web-gui is not accessible unless I reboot.

Some routers were running factory firmware, some had DDWRT.

I know the amount of information I am giving you is light, just wondered if anybody either had a good idea of what it might be due to prior's, or that I am getting brute-forced repeatedly because it is a target rich environment (20+ wireless networks) or is it the proliferation of wireless that is gimping things up?

Hello.... Bueller?    Bueller?

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