[Chugalug] Best PHP DB Abstraction layer?

Rip Linton ripl at aol.com
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 I use PEAR MDB2 from here: http://pear.php.net/package/MDB2 and have not run into any tasks that I could not accomplish with it. I work with a mix of MSSQL, MySQL, Postgresql, Firebird and some others on occasion. Works great with any ODBC databases.

The documentation is very good and the learning curve seems to be short if you have any experience with other abstractions.

I first started using it because I needed to map some data sources that spanned several DBs on different servers and using different databases. I could not find anything else that would map the connections and relationships properly on mixed systems. I wrote one with PEAR and had the job finished 48 hours after I installed the MDB2 packages.



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It's a religious question, I know
but if I were to pick a PHP database abstraction connection layer..
Which one actually works in the real world?

I'm looking at: 

and a lot of other googlish places and trying to figure out if I want to 
use this for a small project, or if I want to continue to use database 
specific code.

My target databases are MySQL/Maria, Oracle and PostgreSQL

Any positive/negative rants rants out there?

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