[Chugalug] Xen vs KVM vs ESXi

kitepilot at kitepilot.com kitepilot at kitepilot.com
Fri Feb 22 03:13:54 UTC 2013

You create a 'raw partition' virtual HD, take the boot sector of the real HD 
and install it on the virtual, fix (or break) some permissions and you are 
good to go.
I can be more specific if you want to try it yourself, I have a cookbook 

James Nylen writes: 

> On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 8:05 AM, kitepilot at kitepilot.com <
> kitepilot at kitepilot.com> wrote: 
>> I have a sort-of dual boot laptop that I can boot on Linux or Win7.
>> Howerver, when I boot Linux, I can also use Virtualbox to boot the Win7
>> partition under a VM.
>> Can I do that with Qemu/kvm?
>> ET 
> How do you set this up?

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