[Chugalug] Xen vs KVM vs ESXi

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I have not tried it to the scale you are talking about, but it should be
possible.  I know that with Qemu/kvm you can point it to a raw partition
instead of using file based storage with the VM.  I know that you can also
pass the VM the same processor information an the host, but you may have
some problems with things with NIC, Graphics, and Audio as there is no way
to pass the details on the host device to the guest currently that I know

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> Or! (even better)
> Can I have a minimal underlying Qemu/kvm installation to run Linux/Win7
> side by side and still be able to boot either standalone?
> ET
> Eric Wolf writes:
>> I'm currently running ESXi at home - a bit of an overkill since I only
>> have
>> one VM on it. I'm setting up a new VM server and was wondering if I should
>> try something else. What opinions do y'all have?
>> -Eric
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