[Chugalug] Xen vs KVM vs ESXi

Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 21 09:02:16 UTC 2013

not exactly "kvm" but "we" have had 40 netbooks running qemu on windows for a year now...   with the qemu accelerator installed the performance of the vm is damn close to the same app running natively on linux.    We did have clock skew but ntpclient solved that ;-)   Biggest problem seems to be when the host os (windows) looses mi-fi connectivity, the vm looses its networking also (of course), but the problem is that the vm continues to act a fool even when the  mi-fi signal comes back to the host.   We have a cheesy workaround in place, because we are the Masters of Cheese.

anyway, another vote for kvm/qemu

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Subject: [Chugalug] Xen vs KVM vs ESXi
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I'm currently running ESXi at home - a bit of an overkill since I only have one VM on it. I'm setting up a new VM server and was wondering if I should try something else. What opinions do y'all have?

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