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I hope to be there as well. I just got a new job and I'M waiting to be called in to start. So long as I don't get that call, or have time irregardless I'll be there.

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I will be there.  OR WILL I BE SQUARE? From: chugalug-bounces at chugalug.org [mailto:chugalug-bounces at chugalug.org] On Behalf Of David White
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Subject: [Chugalug] Chugalunch Tomorrow I hereby declare myself the President of Chugalug, and hereby issue a decree that all in favor of attending the next Chugalunch shall commence meeting at Conga tomorrow at 11:30pm (to try and beat the lunch crowd by a little bit). Now that I'm on my own and starting my own business full time, I'm looking for opportunities to get out of my apartment, meet people, and network.  But mostly to socialize, so I don't become a hermit, until I'm able to drum up enough clients to get me out of the house anyway. 11:30am until whenever....  207 E Main St 
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