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Tue Feb 12 23:44:24 UTC 2013

The company I work at, SolidFire, passed out customized Timbuk2 Laptop
Messenger bags at their Xmas Party:


You can customize the color and fabrics. Mine has the SolidFire logo on the
middle of the flap. It's all black with orange piping and looks really good.

I was carrying a 17" MBP in it. The 17" doesn't actually fit in the laptop
pocket, but it does fit between the laptop pocket and tablet pocket in the
separate zipped compartment (meeting TSA specs for a butterfly case). I now
carry my 15" MBP comfortable in the laptop pocket. There's room, probably,
for two iPad-sized tablets in the table pocket. It has a velcro divider so
it can expand for a single larger device.

Under the front flap are two fuzzy-lined pockets. My Nexus 4 fits
comfortably inside one (the other is exactly the same size). The fuzzy
liner cleans the screen as I insert/remove the device.

There's a plethora of zipped and non-zipped pockets throughout the bag.
There's one expandable water bottle pouch on the outside that's too small
for the size water bottles I usually carry. But there are two mesh pockets
on the inside that work well for water bottles and coffee travel mugs.


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On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 4:06 PM, Chad Smith <chad78 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> The world of computing, as you know, is getting more and more mobile -
> tablets, smart phones, mobile hot spots, internet-hungry handheld game
> consoles and media players... I was wondering if anyone had any experience
> / luck shopping for a bag or carrier or something that could hold them all
> - and their wires, SD cards, and extra batteries...
> I have a laptop bag for my laptop, and I have backpack for mega-hauls, but
> I'm looking for an everyday carrier big enough for my 7" tablet, a smart
> phone, a media player, a mobile hot spot, a game system, and maybe one or
> two other pocket-sized devices, and the aforementioned accessories. (I even
> have a couple of pocketable power strips that I carry with me.
> So far, I have tried something called a "Gadget Bag" - which was really
> for a camera, and was too small for the tablet... a tolietries bag (which
> fit everything, and offered decent organization, but no padding, and the
> zipper kept mis-firing almost immediately)... and a small, somewhat padded
> bag that would fit a small netbook, but didn't have a lot of organization
> to it, and looked too much like a purse (after getting 3 comments from
> different people in the same week, I decided it was time to retire it).
> I was super disappointed by the Gadget Bag, even the name seemed right,
> but the size was way off.
> I realize it's kind of dumb carrying all those things, but I like the
> sense of security knowing I have a ton of ways to get online.  And, that
> way when someone asks me "iOS or Android" I can say "Why choose? And why
> leave out webOS, Maemo, and whatever the heck this thing runs?"
> Plus, there's the Geek Cred, which was being off-set by the "He carries a
> Purse" cred....
> *- Chad W. Smith*
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