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Chad Smith chad78 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 23:06:50 UTC 2013


The world of computing, as you know, is getting more and more mobile -
tablets, smart phones, mobile hot spots, internet-hungry handheld game
consoles and media players... I was wondering if anyone had any experience
/ luck shopping for a bag or carrier or something that could hold them all
- and their wires, SD cards, and extra batteries...

I have a laptop bag for my laptop, and I have backpack for mega-hauls, but
I'm looking for an everyday carrier big enough for my 7" tablet, a smart
phone, a media player, a mobile hot spot, a game system, and maybe one or
two other pocket-sized devices, and the aforementioned accessories. (I even
have a couple of pocketable power strips that I carry with me.

So far, I have tried something called a "Gadget Bag" - which was really for
a camera, and was too small for the tablet... a tolietries bag (which fit
everything, and offered decent organization, but no padding, and the zipper
kept mis-firing almost immediately)... and a small, somewhat padded bag
that would fit a small netbook, but didn't have a lot of organization to
it, and looked too much like a purse (after getting 3 comments from
different people in the same week, I decided it was time to retire it).

I was super disappointed by the Gadget Bag, even the name seemed right, but
the size was way off.

I realize it's kind of dumb carrying all those things, but I like the sense
of security knowing I have a ton of ways to get online.  And, that way when
someone asks me "iOS or Android" I can say "Why choose? And why leave out
webOS, Maemo, and whatever the heck this thing runs?"

Plus, there's the Geek Cred, which was being off-set by the "He carries a
Purse" cred....

*- Chad W. Smith*
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