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Mon Feb 11 21:12:47 UTC 2013

This just came across the DC404 mailing list. Thought some of you may be

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> From: Michael A Nutley [mailto:jrnasst at bellsouth.net]
> Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 15:28
> To: Watson, Keith
> Subject: need several Linux admin.
> We need several Linux Admin., folks that can support Linux servers and
> storage products, salary range is 60k to 80k fulltime direct hire plus
> benefits bonus, for a company that employs thousands of employees,
> We appreciate your refers, please send inquiries, candidates, resumes to
> following contact info, thanks
> Michael
> JRN & Associates
> 770-433-8507 Dir.#
>  jrnasst at bellsouth.net <mailto:jrnasst at bellsouth.net>
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