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Sat Feb 9 03:12:10 UTC 2013

The same day I saw you, the little birdie upstairs told me just get a Nexus(from Google). 
I have no clue if that would make a difference.
But I wish I could swing that when my month is out.

----- Phil Sieg <phil.sieg at gmail.com> wrote:
> So.
> I have been a full time Android user for one week now. My device is a Galaxy Note 2 (ATT version, rooted and unlocked of course).
> I have some observations that of course are from a long time iOS user's perspective.
> 1. Almost all 56 Android mail clients suck. Aqua Mail sucks less than the rest, but still sucks.
> 2. Why so goddamned many menu's and choices buried 5 layers deep?
> 3. The water droplet sound that happens when I swipe my Phone to unlock it is driving me out of my mind. I can't figure out how to shut it up (see item 3).
> 4 There are NO financial/stock market apps for this thing that are worth a damn. Also see Item 1.
> 5. The calendar is a POS. Seems to be the same dilemma as item 1.
> 6. Why do I need an app drawer? iOS definitely got this part right.
> 7. eBook readers. Also see item 1. Could care less about the kindle app, don't speak to me about it.
> On a brighter note:
> 1. Widgets are cool.
> 2. I LOVE having a 5.5" screen and a stylus.
> 3. swappable battery.
> 4. Micro SD goodness and ease of loading content ;-)
> Hmm it seems most of my "brighter" items are actually hardware related and not a plus for Android.
> I will stick with Android for the foreseeable future, however it is very LINUX like in the need for constant tweaking and not always working. I love the IDEA of linux and try to implement the use of it in any way that I can, however Cupertino has a distinct advantage with their philosophy that "Shit should just work".
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