[Chugalug] Android musings

Dan Lyke danlyke at flutterby.com
Fri Feb 8 23:00:03 UTC 2013

On Fri, 8 Feb 2013 15:19:19 -0500
Phil Sieg <phil.sieg at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2. Why so goddamned many menu's and choices buried 5 layers deep?

Can you give an example?

> 3. The water droplet sound that happens when I swipe my Phone to unlock
> it is driving me out of my mind. I can't figure out how to shut it up
> (see item 3).

My "Settings" has a "Screen lock sounds" setting. It's currently

> 5. The calendar is a POS. Seems to be the same dilemma as item 1.

What are you trying to do with it? There are a few things I'd like
more, but now that I've figured out the "hold down on a time to open an
even there" I get along with it fairly well.

> 6. Why do I need an app drawer? iOS definitely got this part right.

Huh. If this is the same thing as on my phone, I really like this.


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