[Chugalug] OT: Anyone of you guys good with electrical circuits?

Jason Brown lists at masterforge.com
Fri Feb 8 14:32:32 UTC 2013

So you want mains (110v-120v) standard 3 prong electrical outlets in a 
5.25" drive bay?

Possible, but might introduce some noise, it also might not.
There is risk involved, but mostly to your computer equipment. If there 
is every a short to your case your computer is toast and most likely 
every thing in it and attached to it.

Since you have limited electrical knowledge I would recommend this route:

Buy a cord like this one: 

Get a 5.25" bay and front panel, cut out the shape needed, glue the cord 
in flush with a glue of your choice.

Run the cord out the back of your PC somehow.  You might have a cutout 
large enough to pass it through.

Install a rubber grommet or other protector around the cord where it 
exits the case (Sharp edges, you don't want that cutting into the 
extension cord. 

If you don't need much power, and want it to only run while the PC is 
turned on you could wire in one of these to your 12v Rails:
http://www.harborfreight.com/80-watt-continuous-power-inverter-66972.html (or 
similar, keep it small < 100 watts).

Here is some info on wiring electret microphones.
I am sure someone sells an off the shelf version but I don't have the 
time to search for it right now.

Good luck, and send us pictures!



On 02/08/2013 01:59 AM, Lynn Dixon wrote:
> I have a pretty nifty project that I have been thinking about doing, 
> but its a bit out of my electrical circuit knowledge.
> In a nutshell, I would like to mod one of my 5.25" bays on my PC to 
> house jacks that I can plug my aviation headset into.   There is a 
> pretty good difference in impedance between aviation headsets and PC 
> audio.  There is also a challenge in driving the electret mic in the 
> headset using the PC mic input.
> Bonus:  If I can plug this modded panel into my motherboards front 
> panel audio input, that would be awesome.
> If anyone of you guys are good with basic electrcal circuits give me a 
> shout.  I can spring for dinner / beer if your willing to help.  Hell, 
> I will even be president for a Chugalug meeting if we can get enough 
> folks together to discuss this :)
> Sorry for the off topic post to the LUG.
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