[Chugalug] Fwd: Exciting Job Opportunity to work on webRTC atEricsson

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I got past that one ... Now I had to Google.. Riak  to find out it is a
NoSql database..  
That is something I have yet to try to understand.  a "No" Server Query
Language Database..   
If you don't have a Server Query Language to talk to it; then do you just
Think the data into place..  ?


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He lost me at node.js


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Subject: Exciting Job Opportunity to work on webRTC at Ericsson
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Hey Everyone,

We wanted to reach out all of you and let you all know that of an awesome
opportunity. Ericsson is currently looking for developers to join their team
to help them disrupt the field of communications. If you have solid skills
with both node.js and Riak along with a desire to make ground breaking
innovations in one of the largest industries in the world please be sure to
check out the following link: http:// <http://goo.gl/Qy0AS> goo.gl/Qy0AS

Cheers and Happy Coding,

AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Team

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