[Chugalug] You're invited to Meeting: PHP and MySQL

Aric Annear moriarty6 at gmail.com
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Is this a "pure beginner"-level demo?  I'd like to get a start in PHP/MySQL
but I'd be starting from square zero here and don't want to hold the meeting
up with dumb questions unless it's explicitly for noobs.

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Technically, this is a PHP dev meeting, but like all things, there is an
overlap to Chugalug.

If you join and RSVP via Meetup.com at:
it'll help us know how much pizza to get.

Meeting: PHP and MySQL

   Chattanooga PHP Developers
   Wednesday, February 6, 2013
   6:00 PM
   701 Broad Street, Suite 201 Chattanooga, TN 37402

Lets set the defib to 400 kjoules and see if we can bring this group back to

Mike Harrison, arrogant geek bastard will build a functional PHP and
MySQL/MariaDB general purpose web framework in 30 minutes, addressing common
requirements.. of generic web applications using nothing but a text editor
and some SIMPLE cut and paste samples. It's an "understand the basics" of
PHP and SQL focus. Mike expects to make mistakes in public, get berated by
the audience and generally have some fun in order to seed discussions and
determine if this is an actual group and how/where it goes.

No frameworks, MVC's or live animals will be injured in this presentation.

It's cold and nasty, some warm pizza will be delivered and there is a drink
machine on the 1st floor and coffee on the 2nd.

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