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I found this, "Most Kindle Fire users have by now figured out that they can sideload just about any android app onto the Fire, whether Amazon wants us to be able to do that or not." It goes on to discuss Google music app but that doesn't support FLAC.
So I guess the question is, is there an android that plays FLAc that can be sideloaded.

I did find this.
Hope it helps. Requires something called launchpad.

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> So I have a TB or two of (100% completely owned silver pressed
> originals) Audio CDs in FLAC format stored on my network.  The volume
> housing music is currently attached to a Samba server, as that has
> proven convenient for the desktops and laptops on the network.  Girls
> got Kindle Fires for X-Mas.  So questions to the list, is it possible
> to play FLAC files on the Kindles across the network, and if so, what
> is the way? Please note, being able to play FLAC is a non-negotiable
> hard point in this exercise, I'm not interesting in converting my
> collection (again as it were, since I originally chose and used a
> different, less-supported lossless format until about half-way
> through
> the ripping/encoding process) :)
> TIA!
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> dtb
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