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I'm not sure I completely buy point #2 there, Dave. Windows has had enough
market share to be status quo since at least the 90s (forever ago to a
script kiddie!). However, Android has enjoyed a clear market share
advantage for about a year according to the source I found below. Did the
script kiddies read the trends better than Apple? I'm not saying everything
(anything) Apple is un-hackable, but people do tend to go for low-hanging
fruit, as long as there's some return.

Interesting side-note: From looking at the chart, I'd say Android's recent
gain has been at the expense of Symbian, not IOS!

Mobile market share source:

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 8:55 PM, Dave Brockman <dave at brockmans.com> wrote:

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> On 8/28/2013 1:46 PM, Christopher Rimondi wrote:
> > Case in point is Android Dalvik files which can easily be
> > disassembled versus iOS Mach-O binaries which are incredibly
> > difficult to even get the low-level assembly language code. Can it
> > be done? Of course. Does that level of obfuscation help from a
> > security standpoint? I think it does demonstrably. Android apps are
> > routinely trojaned and back doored by bad guys and put back into
> > the marketplace. iOS are almost never modified and put back. Part
> > of that is due to app signing, but the level of effort required is
> > ridiculous for commercial malware writers. It also helps with the
> > theft of intellectual property since grabbing source on Android is
> > trivial.
> 1) I think you severely underestimate commercial malware authors.
> 2) I think IOS vs Andriod has more to do with marketshare than anything
> else.  If Apple gained a whole lot of marketshare in the global
> market, you'd see just as much crud for the iphone... As of Q2 this
> year, iphone had < 14%, Android had > 79%.  Same reason 98% of all
> crud used to be written for Windows, 80+% marketshare.  That's easy
> math, even for the total script kiddie....
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