[Chugalug] Redhat Yum can still be RPM-Hell(tm)

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Wed Aug 28 14:00:08 UTC 2013

> Mike,The reason your getting that error is because the *dts repos are the "Red Hat Developer
> Tool Set" which (I think) will require a subscription to the Developer Tool Set channel.  Red
> Hat recently annouced this prodcut at Summit this year. I sit in one of the sessions that
> discussed it, and its actually a really awesome step that Red Hat is doing for developers.

The question is: Why in hades would this extra repo be required on a 
default virgin installation? As I get into Redhat again, I am reminded 
that for all of it's awesome support of Linux, it is in many ways the 
Microsoft mentality applied to Linux. I installed a CLI only system, and 
I'm blown away that so many tools for bare server system config are GUI.
For example: "system-config-services" requires X and GTK when the other
system-config-* tools are CLI. Luckily I know how to do it the hard way,
linking /delinking files.. but I appreciate and use nice tools because I 
like to be able to help people to use them when supporting someone 
over long distances. I've almost spent more time configuring 
access/subscriptions/licenses than I have getting the server online.

For the record, because a few people know me: I installed gcc installed 
and compiled  "joe" the editor from source, very quickly. :)

Question: If it's basicly just a LAMP server, is there anything in that 
"Developer Tool Set Channel" worth subscribing to and worrying about?

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